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Implants are indicated where there is no longer the possibility of restoring the tooth or in case of definitive tooth loss.

How dental implants work.

Próteses Protocolo

Carga imediata de 72 horas


Children´s, and your child´s oral health, deserve attention.

Babies and Children´s Dentistry.

​Odontologia para Gestantes


The best treatment for your comfort and improved quality of living.

How they work

Fixed Prostheses

Mobile Prostheses.


We correct your smile by giving you the best possible treatment. We use top quality orthodontic braces.

How it works.



Less invasive and aesthetic procedures to make your smile more harmonious and beautiful.

Dental Whitening.

Contact lenses and facets.

Facial and Smile Harmonization.


Safe treatments, performed with care and efficiency, so that you can have a speedy recovery.

Are root canal therapies painful?

How do they work?


“The Instituto Guskuma de Odontologia was set up as a merge of desires, Humane care and Quality Dentistry, where patients receive 

correct, fair and adequate treatment in such a way that they feel welcome, well-treated and respected.”

Bruna Rocha Guskuma 

Majored at USP [University of São Paulo] – Polytechnic School in 2008, she has many important certifications in quality and processes, such as the Black Belt, Processes Engineering and Total Quality in consumer care.

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Dr. Fabiano U. Guskuma

Majored at UNESP [University of the State of São Paulo] – Araçatuba in 2010; Implants Specialist in 2014. Dr. Guskuma has ample experience in Implants and Prosthesis Rehabilitation, with more the 5,000 implants made as well as Clinic Management. 

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